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Adding a new room to your hotel

Step 1 - You can create a new hotel room from the partner dashboard by clicking on the add new room link from the main menu in the partner dashboard.

Step 2 - Add the title and description for your room in the  edit fields. Click the upload button below featured image to add the main image for your room. This image will show in the rooms listing on your hotel page.

Step 3 - Select the Room Type from the list.

Step 4 - Select all the facilities that are included with that room

Step 5 - Select the hotel that this room belongs to and the quantity of rooms available in the fields.

Step 6 - Click the Upload button below Room gallery to upload your gallery images for the room. You can drag and drop or select the images on your computer.

Step 7 - Select the Room Price tab. Enter in the default price for the room. After the room is created you can add specific prices for different days. Enter in a discount rate if any. If this room requires a deposit select from the drop-down Deposit by percent (Currently we only support a deposit rate based on a percent of the room price).

Step 8 - Select the Room Facility tab. Enter in the number of adults and children allowed in the room here. Enter in the total number of beds and the square footage of the room.

Step 9 - Select the Cancel Booking tab. Select from the drop-down if you want to allow cancellations on this room. Number of days before arrival allows you to set the amount of days before check-in the customer can cancel. Cancellation fee is a percentage of the room price that is charged as a fee. Leave blank if you would like to refund the whole amount.

Step 10 - Once finished click on the Submit Room button to add your room to the hotel.

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